brake inspections and repairs at pP motors

At PP Motors we provide several options to service your car. Book your Interim or Full Service online today. Or alternatively choose engine oil and filter changes if your service is not yet required.

We Offer Free Brake Health Inspections

If you’re concerned about the condition and health of your brakes, our mechanics will complete a free, no-obligation brake inspection. We want you to have complete peice of mind when driving, especially when heading on long journeys. Once the inspection has been completed, our team will be in contact to advise any work which may be needed.

When Should You Fix Your Brakes?

A service is a vehicle inspection and quality check that ensures your vehicle is most importantly safe, reliable and in great shape to give better fuel efficiency. PP Motors conduct all specific checks and replacement parts including a car oil change at certain intervals as recommended by your cars manufacturer. We offer different levels of services to suit all budgets and requirements. Get in touch today to see how we can help you

When Should You Fix Your Brakes?​​

We kindly request that you bring your vehicles locking wheel nut so that we can remove your wheel if necessary. We also request that vehicle log book is provided so our mechanics can stamp the book once the service is completed. Newer cars will not require this as the service is logged onto the cars internal computer. Although this isn’t totally necessary, we advise adding the service as the resale value of your car will be maintained.

When should I book my car in for a service?

Over the years we’ve found that servicing your car every 11,000 miles or every year to have your car in best possible shape.

We love helping our customers keep their vehicles in the best possible shape. We are happy to provide comprehensive full services and even oil and filter changes to help you maintain the value of your car.

When should I book my car in for a service?

Knowing when your service is due can sometimes be tricky, especially if you purchased a used car. The best way to check is to look at your log book or your vehicles on board computer where the last service should be time stamped. Your vehicle manufacturer may also suggest a service after a certain point depending upon the age of the car. If you own a newer car, it may have self-diagnostic features for certain issue. We strongly advise that these warnings are actioned to ensure your vehicle s in tip top shape, even if the warnings occur before 12 months or 11,000 miles has been reached.

Due a service? Book your car in today

PP Motors carry out all services at our state of the art facility in Audenshaw. We are open six days a week and even on Saturdays so that you can book in at a time which suits you best. If you are unsure of the exact service you need, give our team a call and our expert mechanics will advise which service is the most suitable for you.